Welcome to the State College, PA Chapter of Mothers & More!

Whether you have chosen to…

…stay at home full time with your children

…work full- or part-time outside the home

Mothers & More has something to offer you…

Opportunity for Growth and Socialization for Yourself

  • Monthly meetings: We get together several times a month to have fun and to learn new things. We often have speakers discussing a variety of topics or we learn about a new skill. We also have a regular monthly meeting that are a mix of a play date for our children while giving us a few minutes to plan future events. Meetings are open to prospective members. We hope you will join us!
  • Mom’s night out for social time and fun. We go to local restaurants, movies, and other gathering places. We also have game nights and craft nights.
  • A small community of women to turn to for advice, support, and friendship.

Opportunity For Growth and Socialization For Your Children

  • Playgroups that meet weekly in member’s homes.
  • Mom and Tot outings to local parks, play centers, and other children’s activities.
  • Seasonal activities including holiday parties.
  • Family socials including dinners out, picnics, and trips to local attractions.

Opportunity to Contribute to the Community Your Children Are Growing Up In

  • Visits to local nursing homes.
  • Wrap gifts for local Toys for Tots charity.
  • Park Clean-up.
  • Sponsor family or individual children during holiday season by donating toys, clothes, books, and household items.

…And you have something to offer Mothers & More!

We Need You For…

  • Fresh and Creative Ideas
  • Organizational and
  • Planning Skills
  • Friendship

What is Mothers & More?

Mothers & More is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of mothers through support, education and advocacy. We address mothers’ needs as individuals and members of society, and promote the value of all the work mothers do.

Please direct questions about this site to The Webmistress. Please put Mothers and More State College in the subject line of your email.